Thursday, 31 March 2011

T h e S u g a r m i l l F i n e S u r f E m p o r i u m

Fell in love with this shop and its motives!!!

Its a store/cafe/hangout dedicated to the surfing lifestyle and like minded brands, artists, musicians, surfers and shapers who are redefining the surf culture and generation by casting a light on where it came from!

This is pretty much my whole concept of research jammed into one store!

C o n c e p t u a l R e s e a r c h

Topic of my research: The Changing Image of the Surfer: From Soul Surfer to Competitive Hero

Culture is never fixed; instead, it constantly reflects the political and social movements and stirrings of a historical period. Thus as the world continues to change, socially or politically and evolve in terms of technology, one can only assume that the cultural expressions and images of surf would also revolutionize.

I'm exploring the surf and beach cultural eruption of the 1960's which flooded America's shores, sending thousands of youths to the beach to practice the graceful glide of surfing. To demonstrate a cultural change in surf image, a comparison will be made between the recognized 1960's surf figure and the figure we immediately identify with surf culture today.

I may justify, that although surfing had been experimented with in previous decades, California in the 1960s, is recognized as the core pivotal point, which crystallized surfing into a mass consumed lifestyle, generating commercial business opportunities.

The ‘Surfie’ subculture of the 60s, expressed a revolt against social structure and responsibility through their carefree lifestyle where they sought for a sense of freedom, happiness through soul surfing and reconnecting with nature. These attitudes were communicated through a unique adoption of fashion, style, language, film, music, art and symbols, which were immediately identified with surf culture. Although other subcultures that emerged from the 60s are still evident in clusters, the surfing subculture is the only subculture that has become a globally recognized cultural phenomenon over its history.

It's ironic, how this subculture which formerly aspired to escape mainstream or popular ideals in the 60s, has cultivated into this globally recognized mega culture as a fashionable lifestyle of today. Processes and practices such as globalization, mass consumption, branding and marketing have dramatically altered the image of a surfer we now identify with in today’s context. No longer, does the surfer carry the image of freedom and spiritual connection but instead is driven by competition, commodity, thrill seeking, recognition and fame. 

The seduction of the beach and surf lifestyle is too alluring! I'm caught in it!

C o n c e p t u a l P o s t e r

I'm really interested in the surf and beach culture of the 60s
This is my concept board I created to help convey the mood of my research...