Wednesday, 1 June 2011

B a n d a g e G r a d a t i o n P r i n t

Since the finished width of my fabric (bandage) is 5cm i was finding it impossible to find some one who would print this gradation of colour on to it. Luckily i figured it out! I asked the guys at Sublitech to print  the design onto the paper in repeat and then I will have to cut it up and hand press and transfer the print at uni using the hand press. At least that way I can print both sides and make my folding techniques successful

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Drape and Toiles

I have been draping and toiling swimsuits out of fused ponte strips, which has not been ideal for perfect fitting as it stretches differently to the bandage and has poor memory. However the design ideas are well portrayed, and it was excellent practice for constructing each piece as they can get quite complex. My next toiles will have to be out of the real bandage strips...